Jennifer Andersen 5/3/2022

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Hello there style seeker! Let's talk about summer wardrobe essentials! Yes, those pieces that are closet must haves! You might be wondering what clothing pieces are a must. Well, that is why we are here! Let's find out what those staple pieces are and why you will be loving them! 

Here are your 10 wardrobe essentials

#1 Basic White 
The basic white tee may not be the most exciting piece of clothing but it is the most versatile! You can wear it with nearly everything from a skirt to denim shorts.

#2  Denim Jacket
Need I say more? Denim shorts a must and a true staple piece for the summer!

#3 Denim Shorts
Need I say more!? Denim shorts are a must and a for sure staple piece to anyone's summer wardrobe!!

#4 Tailored Linen Shorts
You will find "Tailored Linen Shorts" in any search engine summer must have list! They can be dressed up or you can simplify them with a plain t-shirt. I don't think these need much convincing!

#5 Maxi Dress
On those hot summer days (when you don't feel like having  restrictive clothing on) a maxi dress is an easy solution! Long and breezy you will stay cool and keep in style!

#6 White Sneakers
White sneakers keep your feet looking fresh and pair well with almost any outfit of any color!

#7 Shacket
Just like the denim jacket, a shacket is another great option to look great while staying warm on those chilly summer mornings and nights! Shackets are in style, comfy and well sought after!

#8 Straw Hat
Not only does a straw hat help protect you from the harmful UV rays but it makes you look oh so fashionable! It is the finishing touch that compliments any outfit! OH! and you wouldn't need to spend a lot of time on your hair! BONUS!!

#9 White pants 
Nothing says fresh like a pair of white pants in the summer! There is just something refreshing and chic about it. You can choose from capri, denim, wide leg, flared or cropped you pick! They ALL look good!

#10 Tank Top, Crop Top or Cami
These are some basic staple pieces for keeping cool in the summer months. There is such a wide variety of styles, materials and colors that the only issue you will have is trying to narrow your selection down!

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